Monday, 18 July 2011

Young And Grow Investment Company Cheats

This company was originally in the name of Stock Broker Paresh Virchand Chheda. This company is not operating well since last 6 months and declared plenty of losses. They have collected money from investors in crores in the name of commodity account which is managed by them only.  At the time of investing they do show you great track record of paying more than bank, FD or Mutual fund by investing in commodity market, but that is not sustained.

Now this company has stopped paying to any of the investors,and postponing the payments every month.
We are group of people who has suffered huge losses. We have invested our hard earned money and have been fooled for fake assurance of huge returns. Now we all are repenting.
If you are like one of us.

If you are also sufferer like us, Please drop in your comment and unite with us to recover the money.

You can find more such stories from other investors here on consumer complaint india site


  1. I was given a setlement check dates 16th August, 2011 which got bounced back, the people at theri office do not have any idea about the whereabouts of Paresh.

  2. Guys,
    Have any one of you received money back from young and grow. We should make a group and take some serious action to recover our hard earned money with interest. I was also given settlement check but that account has been closed now.

  3. my name is poonam sudam chiplunkar.
    My dad is facing huge humilation and abuse from his friends and family members he invested his all retirement money and his money in this and now people are asking him to return money by selling his one and only home to give their moneys since he introduce this paresh cheda scheme to people. please he is next to suicide condition now.please anyhow ask that paresh bastard to return money

  4. I also suffered from the huge losses which young and grow have make.They commited me many times when i asked them for returning my money but they got failed to clear the cheques which they have given to me.we have a group of people from maharashtra

  5. Guys what can we do, cant we file a case against paresh cheda?

  6. can we share our email id at least. mine is ahujamanojs@gmail.ciom. I have also lost money in this trustworthy business carried by Mr. Paresh